Dr Leone Craig

Dr Leone Craig
BSc (Hons), MSc, PhD, FHEA

Teaching Fellow

Dr Leone Craig
Dr Leone Craig

Contact Details

work +44 (0)1224 438040
The University of Aberdeen Postgraduate Education Group
Institute of Applied Health Sciences 
University of Aberdeen
Room 1:071 Polwarth Building
Aberdeen AB25 2ZD


Leone Craig graduated from the University of Aberdeen with a BSc (Honours) in Health Sciences and an MSc in Human Nutrition & Metabolism. In 2005 she completed a PhD in Nutrition at The Robert Gordon University focussing on the area of childhood obesity. 

She joined the Department of Environmental and Occupational Medicine in October 2003 as a Research Assistant on the SEATON study. She was a Research Fellow in Public Health Nutrition from June 2005 to December 2017 when she moved to her current post of Teaching Fellow in Applied Health Sciences.

From May to October 2007 she had a part-time secondment to the Food Standards Agency Scotland, Science Branch as a Scientific Advisor (Diet and Nutrition).



Research Interests

Dietary assessment and cross-sectional and cohort studies of diet and health in children and adults. Early life nutrition including infant feeding and childhood obesity.

Current Research

  1. A positive deviance approach to determine strategies for improving diet quality.
  2. Measurement and communication of healthy sustainable diets.
  3. Comparison of methods for global assessment of diets.
  4. Development and testing of nutritional resources for adolescents from a low socio-economic background.
  5. The Study of Eczema and Asthma To Observe the influence of Nutrition (SEATON) longitudinal study.
  6. Aberdeen Birth Cohort (ABC) 1936 & 1921.

Research Grants

Secondary Analysis of the Survey of Sugar Intake among Children in Scotland (Food Standards Agency Scotland) 2007-2008. £69,040. McNeill G, Masson L, Craig L, Macdiarmid J, Holmes B.

A prospective study exploring the early infant feeding experiences of parents and their significant others during the first 6 months of life: what would make a difference? (NHS Health Scotland) 2009-2010. £89,754. Hoddinott P, Craig L, McInnes R.

Survey of diet, influences on food choices and eating practices among children in Scotland in 2010 (Food Standards Agency Scotland) 2010-2011. £468,204. Masson L, McNeill G, Macdiarmid J, Craig L, Bromley C.

Feasibility study for a trial of proactive telephone support for breastfeeding women (NHS Grampian) 2010-2011. £46,007. Hoddinott P, Craig L, McNicol J, Chick C, Riach J.

Qualitative Evaluation of the Eat, Play and Grow Well Programme (NHS Grampian) 2010-2011. £29,991. Craig L, Douglas F.

Development and clinical piloting of a dietary soup intervention during pregnancy with the aim of reducing the likelihood of childhood asthma (Baxters, Knowledge Exchange Transfer Fund, UoA Development Trust) 2012-2013. £52,487. Devereux G, Clark J, McNeill G, Norrie J, Craig L, Danielian P, Turner S.

Research to inform the development of a child healthy weight intervention for pre-school children (NHS Grampian) 2012-2013. £29,500. Craig L, Douglas F, Clark J, Jackson D, McNeill G, Reid V.


Teaching Responsibilities

2017/2018-present Programme co-coordinator MSc Global Health & Management

2018/2019 Course co-coordinator PU5042 Introduction to Global Health online course

2018/2019 Course co-coordinator PU5505 Global Health (MSc Global Health & Management programme)

2016/17-present Course coordinator PU5534 Public Health Nutrition (MSc Human Nutrition programme)

2015/16 Assistant course coordinator PU5504 Public Health Nutrition (MSc Human Nutrition programme)

Lecturer on MSc Human Nutrition programme (Assessment of Nutritional Status, Nutrition and Health, Public Health Nutrition specialism courses)

Supervision of MSc Human Nutrition, Masters in Public Health, MSc Global Health & Management research projects

PhD supervisor 

Further Info

External Responsibilities

Member of the Nutrition Society Scottish Section Committee

Member of the NHS Grampian Maternal & Infant Nutrition/Child Healthy Weight Steering Group
Member of the National Child Healthy Weight Evaluation Advisory Group


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