Ms Heather Clark

Ms Heather Clark

Research Assistant
Research Project Manager


Contact Details

work +44 (0)1224 437288
The University of Aberdeen Postgraduate Education Group, Room 1:073, Polwarth Building, Foresterhill.


I work as part of the Dietary Assessment team with particular responsibility for the Scottish Collaborative Group Food Frequency questionnaire.

I also work as the research project manager for the 'Children of the 1950s' cohort study. 



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  • Lawlor, DA, Ronalds, G, Clark, H, Davey-Smith, G & Leon, DA 2005, 'Birth weight is inversely associated with incident coronary heart disease and stroke among individuals born in the 1950s. Findings from the Aberdeen Children of the 1950s prospective cohort study', Circulation, vol. 112, pp. 1414-1418. [Online] DOI:
  • Lawlor, DA, Batty, GD, Morton, SM, Clark, H, Macintyre, S & Leon, DA 2005, 'Childhood socioeconomic position, educational attainment, and adult cardiovascular risk factors: the Aberdeen Children of the 1950s cohort study', American Journal of Public Health, vol. 95, no. 7, pp. 1245-1251. [Online] DOI:
  • Nishiwaki, Y, Clark, H, Morton, SM & Leon, DA 2005, 'Early life factors, childhood cognition and postal questionnaire response rate in middle age: the Aberdeen Children of the 1950s study', BMC Medical Research Methodology, vol. 5, 16. [Online] DOI:
  • Batty, GD, Morton, SM, Campbell, DM, Clark, H, Smith, GD, Hall, M, Macintyre, S & Leon, DA 2004, 'The Aberdeen Children of the 1950s cohort study: background, methods and follow-up information on a new resource for the study of life course and intergenerational influences on health', Paediatric and Perinatal Epidemiology, vol. 18, no. 3, pp. 221-239. [Online] DOI:
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