Sam Tweed, Medical Student (Intercalated BSc.Hons Medical Sciences)

"I recently completed my project utilising data from the Aberdeen Maternity & Neonatal Databank (AMND). To complete the project, I took a year out from my medical degree and learnt some key skills in research planning, statistical analysis and epidemiological techniques.

The project was made possible by the exceptional wealth of data within the AMND, linking multiple generations and looking at outcomes over a long follow up period. The support of researchers and statistical experts in the AMND team to guide my foray into epidemiological research was also invaluable.

I have since presented my work at many group meetings and major conferences, which has been hugely rewarding. As an undergraduate it has been a rich learning experience to work with a broad team, from those on summer studentships to PhD students and senior researchers. The skills and knowledge gained during my project will be very influential in shaping my future medical and research career."