The next meeting of INREM will be held at the ASRM (American Society for Reproductive Medicine) Conference in Honolulu, Hawaii in October 2014. For further details, please contact:

Prof Siladitya Bhattacharya, University of Aberdeen, UK.


A Reproductive Medicine Research Collaborative Group is an inclusive international group of investigators who are keen to promote large clinical trials and observational studies in reproductive medicine, expand existing national networks and create new opportunities for international collaboration.


To support global opportunities for collaborative research in Reproductive Medicine.


  • To foster communication between research groups.
  • To provide a forum forcollaboration amonginternational groups interested in clinical trials and large observational studies in Reproductive Medicine.
  • To create new opportunities for externally funded international collaborative primary and secondary research aimed at generating high quality evidence to inform clinical practice.


  • To develop and maintain a database of ongoing and planned multi-centre trials and large observational studies in Reproductive Medicine
  • To identify opportunities to participate in, and support ongoing research
  • To identify novel research opportunities for the GFC group and develop collaborative protocols
  • To engage wıth funding bodies to support global trials in Reproductive Medicine
  • To discuss areas of critical importance in Reproductive Medicine and prioritise trials and observational studies
  • To produce a list of outcomes to be collected for trials in Reproductive Medicine
  • To facilitate and initiate prospective and retrospective IPD meta-analyses of trials
  • To develop international education and training opportunıtıes for the design and delıvery of high quality observational studies and clinical trials
Terms of Reference

INREM is a Reproductive Medicine Research Collaborative Group which facilitates a multidisciplinary research network in reproductive medicine trials worldwide. It maintains a comprehensive portfolio of ongoing research, promotes large clinical trials and observational studies in reproductive medicine, expands existing national networks and creates new opportunities for international collaboration.

Executive Group: Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary

Members: Membership - worldwide experts (see Members tab)

The Chair will directly, or by delegation:

  • Arrange regular meetings of the group (at least 2 per year)
  • Maintain a portfolio of studies developed or adopted by the group
  • Promote international involvement in research
  • Promote sharing of good clinical research practice
  • Facilitate generation of ideas for new projects
  • Act as ambassador for INREM

Executive members are expected to combine expertise with enthusiasm and provide research leadership within the reproductive medicine community. They are expected to attend at least one meeting of the group each year in person and will contribute to the maintenance and further development of its portfolio of research by:

  • Actively engaging with studies within the group's portfolio by advising collaborators, commenting on applications and actively promoting recruitment to trials
  • Identifying existing high quality studies that should be adopted by the group
  • Generating ideas and opportunities for multinational studies
  • Contributing to the development of high quality applications through the review of research ideas and protocols submitted to the group
  • Providing expert advice to the Chair, potential funding bodies, and the wider clinical community as required
  • Acting as ambassadors for INREM

Member list correct as of June 2014

Executive Group:

  • Siladitya Bhattacharya - Convenor (UK)
  • Thomas D'Hooghe (Belgium)
  • Ben Mol (Australia)
  • Sebastian Mastenbroek (Netherlands)
  • Ernest Ng (Hong Kong)
  • Siobhan Quenby (UK)
  • Sheryl van der Poel - ex-officio (Switzerland)


  • Abha Maheshwari (UK)
  • Annika Strandell (Sweden)
  • Antonio Mackenna (Chile)
  • Arri Coomarasamy (UK)
  • Bart Fauser (Netherlands)
  • Brad Van Voorhis (USA)
  • Carla Tomassetti (Belgium)
  • Christian de Geyter (Switzerland)
  • Cindy Farquhar (New Zealand)
  • Diane De Neubourg (Belgium)
  • E Hughes (Canada)
  • Eline Dancet (Belgium)
  • Elizabeth Puschek (USA)
  • Femke Mol (Netherlands)
  • Frank Broekmans (Netherlands)
  • Fulco van der Veen (Netherlands)
  • Herman Tournaye (Belgium)
  • Hilary Critchley (UK)
  • Jie Qiao (China)
  • Karen Peeraer (Belgium)
  • Kurt Barnhart (USA)
  • M A Youssef (Netherlands)
  • M F Costello (Australia)
  • Mariette Goddijn (Netherlands)
  • Neena Malhotra (India)
  • Norah van Mello (Netherlands)
  • P C Wong (Singapore)
  • Pratap Kumar (India)
  • Raymond Li (Hong Kong)
  • Richard Legro (USA)
  • Robert Rebar (USA)
  • Romana Dmitrovic (Croatia)
  • Roy Farquharson (UK)
  • Sjoerd Repping (Netherlands)
  • Uschi van den Broeck (Belgium)
  • Willem Ankum (Netherlands)
  • Xiaoke Wu (China)