Immpact has developed a range of tools for maternal health programme evaluation. These include ways to measure maternal and perinatal mortality and morbidity, quality of maternal health care, economic outcomes and health systems factors.

The Toolkit is a guide designed to be used as a reference document for those who plan to conduct evaluations while also providing useful information for safe motherhood policymakers. The very use of the term Toolkit as a collection of tools with guidance on their selection and use emphasizes the importance of evaluations being tailor-made for specific contexts and using fit-for-purpose study designs and tools. In complex evaluations, tools need to be selected and used not independently, but as complementary devices which together construct a story. From our experience, one can thus offer broad guidance – as we do here – on designs and tools, but local adaptation, flexibility and interpretation will always be needed.

While some of the tools and methods are ready made, others require adaptation. Immpact can offer guidance in design of the most effective evaluation systems for a given situation, as well as in analysis and interpretation of the data, mainly based on their experience and their involvement in the development of the various tools and methods.

We would like to use your feedback from use of the Immpact Toolkit to improve future editions. Please contact us at: