Information for participants

Thank you for taking part or for considering taking part in CHARIS. On this page you will find details of how we are taking care of the information you provided, where you can find the questions we asked you and all the publications arising from CHARIS. 

What do we do with the information you give us?

Information collected or held by the University must comply with the data protection principles which are set out in the Data Protection Act 1998. In order to ensure that this happens, the University has developed a Data Protection Policy. This policy can be found here. Additional details of what happens to the information you give us are given below.

What happens to the information you give us?

If you have taken part in CHARIS Ipsos MORI will have interviewed you over the telephone. Ipsos MORI are collecting the data on behalf of the University. Here are some key ways in which we are protecting your data:

  • Data are transferred from Ipsos MORI to Aberdeen every week via a secure data transfer facility
  • Data are stored in Aberdeen on a secure server in a secure study project file. 
  • The only people who can access the data are named members of the research team. 
  • As soon as possible all the information that could be used to identify an individual participant is removed from the survey data.  The data are thus anonymised.

Making the most of the information you give us

Each week we will publish a bulletin that describes they key findings from that week’s data.  Every 2 months we will publish a more detailed report on the data.  The bulletins and the bimonthly reports will be freely available on the website.  We will also send them to the Government and key stakeholders with suggestions of how the data might be used to inform their communications with the public and the support offered to the public.

We will store securely the anonymised dataset.  Once the study is complete and we have completed all our publications, other researchers will be able to access the data.  This is part of the open science approach to research that aims to make best use of all the research data collected nationally and internationally. 

Study questions

Details of each week’s study questions can be found on the Documents Page.  You will be able to locate the questions you answered by matching the date of your telephone interview to the dates on each questionnaire. 


Details of the results from CHARIS are located on the Documents Page.