Epidemiology group staff publish new edition of textbook

A new edition of “Epidemiological studies: a practical guide” (3rd edition) is published today by Oxford University Press. Authored by Gary Macfarlane (Chair in Epidemiology) and Tatiana Macfarlane (Honorary Reader in Epidemiology), alongside Alan Silman from Oxford University this book focusses on the practical aspects of undertaking epidemiological studies (a “how to” book). This edition focusses on new areas which have become more important over the 10 years since the last edition including : meta-analysis, feasibility and pilot studies, trails, use of routine data, registers, biobanks and record linkage. It also reflects the increasing use of IT in the practical administration (e.g. scanning of questionnaires) and conduct (e.g. web-based surveys) of studies. One major change in recent years is legal constraints and ethical issues in conducting epidemiology studies. This includes access to data without explicit consent and follow-up of people who haven’t responded to contact and this is reflected in the new edition. Complementing textbooks on epidemiology theory, this book should ensure that not only is your epidemiological study methodologically robust but also you are able to successfully conduct it in the real world.