Latest CRH papers published

Latest CRH papers published

CRH research has generated several new publications

The research themes underlying the Centre for Rural Health cover a wide range of topics, as can be seen from the latest publications now available to view:

PhD student Alistair Appleby's paper on GP spirituality: 

  • Appleby A, Swinton J, Bradbury I, Wilson P.  GPs and Spiritual Care, Signed up or Souled out? A quantitative analysis of GP trainers’ understanding and application of the concept of spirituality. Education for Primary Care 2018.

Medical student Genevieve Marsh-Feiley's interview study looking at prehospital emergency ultrasound:

CRH's Director, Phil Wilson, has two new papers available on his child development research: 

  • Wilson P, Wood R, Lykke K, et al. Exploring international variation in developmental surveillance of preschool children: can we generate a rational consensus approach? Scandinavian Journal of Public Health 2018.
  • Marks KP, Sjö NM, Wilson P. Comparative use of the Ages and Stages Questionnaires in the USA and Scandinavia: a systematic review.  Developmental Medicine and Child Neurology, 2018.