Professor Corrinda Black

Professor Corrinda Black
Professor Corrinda Black

Professor Corrinda Black

BSc Experimental Pathology, MBChB, MRCP, MSc Public Health & Health Service Research, MFPH (UK), FFPH

Personal Chair (Clinical)


Aberdeen Centre for Health Data Science,

1:042 Polwarth Building

School of Medicine, Medical Science and Nutrition

University of Aberdeen



AB25 2ZD


Professor Corri Black trained at the University of Glasgow graduating in 1996 and spent 5 years working in hospital medicine in Glasgow.  She spent a year at the Boston Collaborative Drug Surveillance Programme, University of Boston, USA on a Research Scholarship studying Clinical and Pharmacoepidemiology. On return to the UK, she joined the University of Aberdeen as a Clinical Lecturer in 2002 and completed specialist training in Public Health Medicine before being appointed as a Senior Clinical Lecturer in Public Health and Honorary NHS Consultant in 2007. She was awarded a personal Chair in 2015. 

Professor Corri Black is a Co-Director of the Aberdeen Centre for Health Data Science, Deputy Director of Farr Institute@Scotland, Associate Director of HDRUK@Scotland and has 18 years experience of harnessing electronic health record data for research. As a Consultant in Public Health, she works for NHS Grampian supporting the use of data to drive quality improvement and in population health surveillance. She is the Clinical Lead for the Grampian Data Safe Haven. Working with colleagues, her research has included real world data pharmaceutical research and now focuses on understanding complexity in health in long term conditions and across the life course.


External Memberships

NHS Grampian

Dr Corri Black is an Honorary Consultant in Public Health Medicine for NHS Grampian. She works with the Health Intelligence Team supporting the use of routine data for population health surveillance and healthcare planning, and coordinating:

  • Evidence Synthesis Service: undertaking rapid reviews of evidence of effectiveness to support decision-making
  • Monthly Evidence Updates [for more information...]





Research Overview

Health Informatics Research: Utilising electronic health & care data for health research

With over 10 years experience of using a wide range of health and care datasets for health research, Prof Corri Black is a member of Farr Institue @ Scotland and ADRC Scotland. 

Her research interests focus on understanding complexity in health and care across the life course and  fall into three core programmes: 

Kidney Disease: epidemiology and service delivery

Prof Corri Black, with Dr A Marks and Dr S Sawhney, leads a programme of research focusing on developing risk prediction models to tailor and target the care of people with Kidney Disease. 


Using routine healthcare data to understand the epidemiology and impact of multimorbidity. This work includes measurement of multimorbidity, polypharmacy and medication adherence, multimorbidity burden and impact on health outcomes.


As part of the work programmes for Farr Institute @ Aberdeen and ADRC Scotland, Dr Black is involved in expoloring the early life influences on physical, cognitive and social resilience.



Aberdeen Centre for Health Data Science


Our vision is to create innovative, interdisciplinary, data science solutions to the big challenges for health and health care, to improve health for individuals, local communities and internationally.

To achieve this, the Aberdeen Centre for Health Data Science aims to bring focus to our:

  • People - our research community is key to our success, working together to support a team science ethos
  • Research - to build on our collaborative expertise and develop areas of strength
  • Environment - with unique data assets and facilities
  • Engagement with our population, and existing and future collaborators


National & International Collaborations






Teaching Responsibilities

Masters Programmes

MPH and Short Course: Health Informatics  PU5532] (Coordinator)


Research Training Supervision

Supervisor for:

  • BMed Science 
  • ARAS Summer Studentships
  • MSc Public Health Research
  • MRes
  • Specialist Trainees in Public Health - Academic 3-6 month placements

PhD Opportunities

Supervising students with an interest in Health Data Science.  Please contact 


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