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The University of Aberdeen 2nd Floor Health Sciences Building Room 206 Foresterhill Campus Ashgrove Road Aberdeen AB25 2ZD


Marijn's research focuses on designing, evaluating and synthesizing interventions to support a healthy lifestyle. Most of his work has been on adherence to medical recommendations on treatments for HIV, HCV, asthma, diabetes, cancer and severe obesity. Other projects focus more on prevention, such as smoking cessation and improving hand hygiene. Marijn has a strong interest in advancing methodology of clinical trials and meta-analysis of health behaviour change interventions, and has been in applying psychological theory to real-life problems with the objective to contribute to health, well-being and more efficient use of health care resources. He has extensive experience in teaching/training students, health care and public health professionals on how to apply psychological theory in research, design complex interventions ( to promote health behaviour, and apply behaviour change counseling in clinical settings ( His work is characterized by an multi-disciplinary approach (e.g. health services research, health economics, public health, (pharmaco)epidemiology, primary and secondary care) and aims to contribute to resolving key health issues in high and low income countries.

Marijn works part-time in Aberdeen and part-time at Radboud University Medical Centre @ IQ Healthcare (Nijmegen, Netherlands)


Research Interests

health psychology - behaviour change interventions - treatment adherence - self-management
 control groups - systematic review - RCTs - mixed methods - cohort studies - cost-effectiveness 
prevention, detection and treatment behaviours

Research Grants

Project title: A roadmap to optimizing medical treatments: integrating behavioural science in healthcare. Grant: €1.000.000,- awarded by Radboudumc (Hypatia fellowship). Start date: 01-10-2018. Applicants: de Bruin M.

Project title: Improving methodology in the design, conduct, and reporting of behavioural smoking cessation trials: three systematic reviews building on a current CRUK evidence review. £110,239.90 funded by cancer research UK. Start date: 01-07-2018 (duration 18 months). Applicants: De Bruin M, Hartmann-Boyce J, Michie S, Black N, Treweek S, Scott N, Johnston M, West R.

Project title: Adoption and Implementation of the Adherence Improving self-Management Strategy in HIV care in the Netherlands. Grant: €50.000,- awarded by ZonMw (VIMP). Start date: 15-08-2017. Applicants: de Bruin M, Spijker R, Pijnappel FJJ, Prins JM; with SOA Aids Netherlands, NVHB, V&VN Nederland.

Project title: The Understanding Pain Study. Individuals’ cognitive, emotional, and behavioural responses to back pain: a qualitative investigation. Grant: £5225,- from the NHS Grampian Endowments.  Start date: 01-04-2017 (duration 12 months). Applicants: de Bruin M, Morton L, MacFarlane G.

Project title: A cluster randomised trial of pharmacy led HCV therapy versus conventional treatment pathways for HCV positive patients receiving daily OST in pharmacies within NHS Scotland. Grant (estimate): £10,000,000. Pharmaceutical companies sponsored medication; Health Boards sponsored research activities. Start date: 01-04-2016 (duration: 36 months). Applicants: Dillon J, Radley A, Donnan P, de Bruin M (behavioural lead)

Project title: REBALANCE: REview of Behaviour And Lifestyle interventions for severe obesity: AN evidenCE synthesis. Grant: £530,873.85 funded by NIHR HTA. Amount: £530,873.85. Start date: 01-07-2016 (duration: 20 months). Applicants: Avenell A, Aveyard P, Webber L, Boyers D, Skea Z, de Bruin M, MacLennan G.

Project title: Air quality feedback: a tool to encourage smoke-free homes. Grant: £147.243 awarded by MRC PHIND. Approximate start date: 01-05-2015 (duration: 18 monhts). Applicants: Sean Semple, Amanda Amos, Steve Turner, Marijn de Bruin

Project title: Development of a hand hygiene intervention to reduce bacterial infections among newborns and mothers delivered in maternity units in Tanzania (The HANDS study). Grant: £149,997, awarded by MRC PHIND. Start date: December 2015 (duration 15 months). Applicants: Graham W, de Bruin M, Ali SM, Wood SL.

Project title: Making results of smoking cessation trials more useful to policy and practice: Identifying the effective behavioural components of smoking cessation support provided to intervention and control groups by applying innovative methods for evidence syntheses.  Grant: £233.722 awarded by CRUK Start date: 01-03-2015 (duration: 36 months)  Applicants: de Bruin M, Johnston M, Michie S, Viechtbauer W, Hartmann-Boyce J, West R.

Project title: Developing methodology for designing and evaluating theory-based complex interventions: an ontology for linking behaviour change techniques to theory. Grant: £576,125 awarded by MRC methodology. Start date: 01-09-2014 (duration: 30 months)  Applicants: Michie S, Johnston M, Rothman A, Kelly M, de Bruin M.

Project title: HIV transmission and elimination in Amsterdam.  Grant: €371.131 awarded by the Dutch Aids Foundation  Start date: 01-08-2014 (duration: 48 months)  Applicants: The H-team consortium, including de Bruin M.

Project title: Effect of outpatient pharmacists' non-dispensing roles on patient outcomes and prescribing patterns. A Cochrane Review update and application of the Behaviour Change Technique Taxonomy. Grant: £143.606 requested to the Chief Scientist Office (Scotland)  Start date: 01-08-2014 (duration: 24 months)  Applicants: Watson M, Bond C, Johnston M, de Bruin M, et al.

Project title: Using Novel Technology to Improve Outpatient Palliative Cancer Pain Management.  Grant: £153,774 for a Scottish Clinical Academic Training Fellowship, awarded by the Chief Scientist Office. Start date: 01-10-2014 (duration: 36 months)  Applicants: Adams R, Murchie P, de Bruin M, Burton C, Bond C, Masthoff J, Lawton S, Linklater G.

Project title: UK Centre for Musculoskeletal Health and Work Grant: £1,000,000 ARUK and £400,000 MRC  Start date: 01-02-2015 (duration: 60 months)  PI: Role: collaborator

Project title: Assessment of the safety of LABA’s in asthma in routine care by combining health-care databases and direct patient follow-up  Total grant: €2.979.996 awarded by the EC under KP7.  Start date: 01-12-2011 (duration: 56 months)  Applicants: van Ganse E, de Bruin M, et al.

Project title: Cost-effectiveness of an effective intervention to promote HIV-treatment adherence  Grant: € 428.095 awarded by ZonMw Nertherlands (  Start date: January 2010 (duration: 56 months)  Applicants: de Bruin M, Schaalma H, Viechtbauer W, Evers S, van Woerkum CJM, Prins JM


Teaching Responsibilities

Current responsibilities

Course coordinator and lecturer of 'Health behaviour and behaviour change', in the BPS-accredited MSc Health Psychology. Students learn about behaviour change theories and how to apply them in complex, multi-level interventions. Intervention Mapping ( is used as the framework for this course.

Supervisor of Health Psychology MSc theses

Group tutor for 'Clinical effectiveness' in which students critically appraise interventions and write a mini-systematic review



Further Info

External Responsibilities


Serving on the Population Research Committee (Prevention Expert Review Panel) from Cancer Research UK (

Advisory board member of the Centre for Healthcare Randomised Trials (CHaRT) in Aberdeen (

Consulting Editor at Health Psychology (

Academic line manager at the Institute of Applied Health Sciences, University of Aberdeen

Member of the research committee and deputy lead of research theme C (

Organiser and Chair of the 2016 European Health Psychology Society conference in Aberdeen. Theme 'Behaviour change: Making an impact on health and health services'. (