Grampian Population Platform: Datasets permissioned for access for research purposes via DaSH

NHS Grampian Caldicott approval in place for access to the following NHS Grampian data for research purposes via DaSH:

  • ACaDMe data:
    • Acute (SMR01, SMR02)
    • Cancer (SMR06)
    • Deaths (GRO)
    • Mental Health (SMR04)
  • CHI registrations (including deaths)
  • PIS (Prescribing Information System)
  • Laboratory data
  • SMR00 Outpatient data
  • Images (from various modalities e.g. X-ray, CT Scan, MRI and ultrasound scans from the NHS picture archiving and communication system (PACS) as well as the corresponding reports for the images.

Generic ethics approval for access to the above NHS Grampian data and the following UOA datasets for research purposes via DaSH:

  • Aberdeen Maternity and Neonatal Databank (AMND)
  • Aberdeen Children of the 1950s (ACONF)
  • Aberdeen Birth Cohorts (ABC)
  • Grampian Renal Biochemistry Database
  • National Stroke Audit
  • Study of Eczema and Asthma To Observe the influence of Nutrition (SEATON)
  • Study of Trends in Obesity in North East Scotland (STONES)

NHS Grampian Caldicott and generic ethics approvals for DaSH infrastructure and processes to also support access to data from:

  • the national datasets processed by NSS/eDRIS
  • other NHS Boards (as agreed with individual health boards)