Athena SWAN Charter

The University of Aberdeen’s community is made up of a wide range of people with diverse backgrounds and circumstances, which we value and regard as a great asset. As part of our continued commitment to equality and inclusion, we endeavour to create an environment where everyone can reach their full potential and have a real opportunity to participate in and contribute to our activities.

The University of Aberdeen has been a proud member of the Athena SWAN Charter since 2011 and gained its Athena SWAN Bronze award in 2012.  Our ongoing commitment to the advancement and promotion of careers and personal development of women in STEMM was further recognised in April 2017, when ECU renewed the University's Bronze Award for a further three years.

Amanda Lee and Peter Murchie receiving the Athena SWAN Bronze award

The Institute of Applied Health Sciences (IAHS) gained its own Athena SWAN Bronze award in 2017. Embedded in our culture, the IAHS Action Plan can be found here.  We are working on our application for a Silver award to be submitted late 2020.

A dedicated Athena SWAN self-assessment team (SAT) work to ensure the Athena SWAN principles underpin all our activities across the IAHS.  Current membership of the SAT includes:

Amanda Lee Lisa Iversen Peter Murchie
Morag McConnell Heather Morgan Mairead Black
Steven MacLennan Maria Grazia Cascio Kirsty Kiezebrink
Jessica Butler Graeme MacLennan David McLernon
Moira Cruickshank Graham Scotland Rumana Newlands
Leila Eadie Verity Watson Romi Carriere
Giles O'Donovan Melanie Turner Rudolfo Hernandez
Miriam Brazzelli Kathryn Martin