HEALTH was a multi-centre trial, funded by the NIHR HTA Programme, comparing surgical options for the management of women with heavy menstrual bleeding (HMB).  The primary aim of this study was to compare the clinical and cost effectiveness of laparoscopic supra-cervical hysterectomy (LASH) with second generation endometrial ablation (EA).

HEALTH will recruit 648 women.  Trial participants will be followed-up for 12 months.

The co-primary (clinical) outcomes will be a) Menorrhagia Multi-Attribute QoL Scale (MMAS), a condition-specific QoL outcome13 ranging from 0-100 based upon 6 domains, measured at 15 months after randomisation, and b) patient satisfaction, measured on a six point scale (from “totally satisfied” to “totally dissatisfied”) measured at 15 months after randomisation.

The trial was led by Professor Siladitya Bhattacharya based at the University of Aberdeen and Professor Kevin Cooper based at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary.

For more information please see the HEALTH Study Website   


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