RAPID trial. Development of interventions to reduce patient delay with symptoms of acute coronary syndrome: identifying optimal content and mode of delivery

Acute Coronary Syndrome is serious and delay to treatment, in particular patient decision time, is a critical factor in reducing mortality and achieving optimal benefit from current treatment strategies. Previous interventions to reduce patient decision time have been largely unsuccessful. However, most interventions have failed to incorporate relevant psychological theory or to use established behaviour change techniques (BCTs).

This CSO funded study will develop a theory-based intervention by (i) identifying the content (i.e. BCTs) most likely to be effective, based on existing evidence (Systematic Review) and consensus amongst subject experts (Delphi study) and (ii) identifying the most effective way of delivering that content by comparing two modes of delivery (text only and text plus visual) with a control in an intervention modelling experiment, measuring effect on intention to seek help immediately.

RAPID is led by Barbara Farquharson at the University of Stirling.