This NIHR programme grant involves a series of workpackages investigating the most effective ways to monitor people with chronic kidney disease and heart failure in primary care. Work includes systematic reviews, cohort studies, and qualitative interviews with patients.


Louise Locock (co-investigator);




Stevens, R., Evans, J., Oke, J., Smart, B., Hobbs, R., Holloway, E., Horwood, J., Judd, M., Locock, L., McLellan, J. & Perera-Salazar, R. (in press). 'Kidney age, not kidney disease'. Canadian Medical Association Journal.

Simmonds, R., Evans, J., Feder, G., Blakeman, T., Lasserson, D., Murray, E., Bennert, K., Locock, L. & Horwood, J. (2016). 'Understanding tensions and identifying clinician agreement on improvements to early-stage chronic kidney disease monitoring in primary care: a qualitative study'. BMJ Open, vol 6, no. 3, e010337.