INCLUDE Socioeconomic Framework

INCLUDE Socioeconomic Framework

In general terms, socioeconomically disadvantaged refers to people living in less favourable social and economic circumstances than others in the same society. Research has shown that other aspects of identity that are known to result in societal inequalities intersect with socioeconomic status, which results in people from minoritised ethnic groups, people experiencing physical and/or learning disabilities, people living with mental ill health, people from the LGBTQIA+ community, and women, being at a higher risk of experience socioeconomic disadvantage.

Ultimately, socioeconomic disadvantage is more than low income, it’s the combined outcome of various situations and experiences that can change over time, and describes the impact of a complex multidimensional problem that encompasses the social injustices and inequalities that contribute to further inequalities for people in our society that are already at their most vulnerable. 

This project focusses on the development of a Framework that trial teams can use at the design stage, to ensure that their research is planned and developed with people experiencing socioeconomic disadvantage in mind.

This is a highly collaborative project, co-lead by COUCH Health's Dr Heidi Green, the University of Liverpool’s Dr Frances Sherratt, the University of Sheffield’s Katie Biggs, and a team of 6 public and patient representatives. Funding was secured by Dr Frances Sherratt as part of the University of Liverpool’s Early Career Research and Returners Fund. 



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