QA Flowchart (related documents)

The interactive flowchart below shows the QA processes in HSRU.

  • The green boxes show the research programmes within HSRU: Health Care Assessment (HCA); Delivery of Care (DOC); and the Centre for Healthcare Randomised Trials (CHaRT). For further information about each, click on a box to be taken to the relevant web page.
  • The dark blue boxes provides you with details of QA related processes and relevant documents. Please note that some of these documents have restricted access and are available to HSRU staff only.

Protocols and Trial Paperwork Other (QA working groups etc.) CHaRT External Audit (MAGI, R&D, MHRA) Appraisal Staff Training and development Staff Development Manual Protecting Information Policy SOPs Induction Staff Handbook Newsletters General HSRU HCA DOC Research Governance