External Audit (MAGI, R&D, MHRA)

HSRU is subject to audit and inspection by external independent organisations, competent authorities and local University and NHS R&D groups.  The audits, monitoring visits and inspections that HSRU are likely to be involved with are carried out by:

MAGI  (Monitoring & Audit Group - IAHS)

R&D  (NHS Grampian)

MHRA  (Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency)

In order to prepare for such visits, the QA manager will act as a point of contact and is responsible for liaising with the appropriate staff, assisting with the preparation of any documentation required, responding to requests during the visit, coordinating the response to any requirements identified in the auditor's report etc.  

In addition, it is imperative that all HSRU staff are well versed with the appropriate HSRU policies and procedures (staff handbook, protecting information policy, CHaRT SOP book etc), as well as the Institute's Research Governance and Quality Assurance policy, and that they also take responsibility for documenting and maintaining a personal training record.


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