Staff Development Manual

Each member of HSRU staff is provided with a Staff Development Manual.  All staff are expected to keep an up-to-date 'Staff Development Manual' or equivalent which will include their CV, annual review objectives, staff training courses attended.

In addition to maintaining a staff development manual (or equivalent), it is good practice for all staff to keep an up-to-date 'training log'. 

A training log is an ongoing, cumulative list of all internal and external training, attendance at conferences, workshops etc.  It should ideally provide details of: dates of training; who supplied the training; title or type of training (e.g. conference, workshop etc.); the topics covered by the training; and whether a certificate was provided.   For training where no certificate is provided, it is advisable to keep a copy of any handouts or presentation from that training course to verify attendance as well as information on the topics covered.    

A training log template can be found on Q-Pulse.

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