Quality Assurance

HSRU (including CHaRT) has an established Quality Assurance (QA) management system.  This ensures adherence to the NHS Research Governance Framework and EU Clinical Trials Directive thus meeting the wide range of legal, ethical, regulatory and governance requirements.

The objective of which is to develop and promote robust quality assurance systems integrating them into HSRU's (CHaRT) best working practices. These systems include:

  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and best practice guidelines.
  • Standardisation of processes and study documentation to
    provide templates, forms and checklists.
  • Ensuring staff are: adequately trained for their tasks; familiar with HSRU's remit for staff training education and development (e.g. GCP, CHaRT SOPs). 
  • Conducting assessments of quality within HSRU's projects and overseeing HSRU's co-operation with external auditors and monitors.

For current QA news, please see the November 2017 newsletter.

Quality Assurance Manager Samantha Wileman
Quality Assurance Secretary Janice Cruden
Email: hsruqa@abdn.ac.uk