Public Engagement

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Public Involvement in our Research

We are currently in the process of recruiting members of the public to our newly established involvement group.

The group will advise on our Unit's:

  • research proposals;
  • grant applications;
  • research conduct and management;
  • and dissemination of results.

By involving members of the public in our research, we can be confident that our research is relevant and accessible.

Please contact Dr Katie Gillies for more information or to join the group:


Public Engagement with our Research

We have a team of staff who work in collaboration with the University's Public Engagement with Research Unit to deliver a range of engagement events throughout the year.

These include:

  • interactive presentations;
  • family activities at local science festivals;
  • public 'cafe-style' talks;
  • and schools outreach.

Events are run as part of the University's programme of festivals, which brings our academic community together with wider society for the mutual benefit of both.

A number of our staff also facilitate stakeholder workshops and collaborate with industry partners.

Please contact Dr Heather Morgan for more information: