Scottish Collaboration of Trialists (SCoT)


The SCoT infrastructure project had four main aims: 1) to harness new technologies for the quality and efficiency of RCTs; 2) to develop methods for enhancing recruitment and retention in RCTs; 3) to develop Scottish-wide training in RCTs; and 4) to provide an enhanced facility - the Centre for Healthcare Randomised Trials (CHaRT) in Aberdeen - for clinical networks of health professionals currently with limited trial infrastructure support. Key achievements included: the generation of over £20m of extra investment in competitively awarded trial grant income through the CHaRT facility; the design, conduct and sustainability of the Edinburgh Clinical Trials Managers Course; the design and provision of an extensive package of e-learning resources, which have been made publicly available for all personnel involved in clinical trial; the design and widespread provision of a suite of cutting-edge software tools to facilitate the quality and efficiency of RCTs, which have been made publicly available for all personnel involved in trial design; the development of a centralised participant resource (the Scottish Acute Recruitment Management Application) to promote the identification of participants eligible for clinical trials. These achievements all contributed to maximising Scotland’s competitiveness in designing and conducting high-quality clinical trials. 


Marion Campbell;




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