Geospacial evaluation of systems of trauma care for Scotland


The GEOS study aims to determine the optimal configuration of trauma system for Scotland. Phase 1 comprises a prospective notional triage of all trauma patients attended by the Scottish Ambulance Service, for one year. Phase 2 involves the calculation of drive-times and flight-times from every incident location to every hospital in Scotland which could become a trauma centre. Phase 3 comprises the mathematical modelling of every possible configuration of trauma system, based on triage categories and access times. Phase 4 involves the selection of geospatially optimised solutions, using multi-objective optimisation methodology.


Mr Jan Jansen,




Jansen JO, Campbell MK. The GEOS study: Designing a geospatially optimised trauma system for Scotland. Surgeon 2013 (in press/available online, DOI: 10.1016/j.surge.2013.10.001)