Issues in data monitoring and interim analysis of trials (DAMOCLES)



The DAMOCLES study explored a range of issues around data monitoring committees (DMCs) for randomised controlled trials including: why and when are they needed; their roles and responsibilities; their structure and organisation; what information is required and who owns it; and decision-making and reporting requirements.   The study took a broad perspective, using several complementary research strategies to study behavioural and organisational aspects of DMCs and procedural issues of interim analyses. In brief, these included:

  • a systematic review of the published literature on DMCs;
  • a review of small group processes in decision-making;
  • surveys of plans and practices of DMCs in current and recently completed trials in the UK, and of relevant organisations' policies; and
  • case studies of DMCs where difficult decisions were faced and interviews with experienced DMC members.

Based on the results of the research, the group formulated a list of considerations that would be valuable for a DMC to address at the start of a trial. These were developed into a charter to describe systematically a DMC's operating practices and procedures.


Marion Campbell;




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