The Effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of Surgical Treatments for womEn with stRess urinary incontinence: an evidence synthesis (ESTER)


This NIHR HTA-funded project will assess the current evidence for the clinical effectiveness, safety and cost-effectiveness of surgical treatments for stress and stress-predominant urinary incontinence in women. Current network meta-analysis methodology will be used to combine direct and indirect evidence in order to estimate treatment effects for surgical treatments where no direct head-to-head clinical trials have been conducted. This analysis will provide relative treatment effects for the surgical techniques under assessment. In addition, a model based economic evaluation will be conducted to estimate the cost-effectiveness of alternative surgical treatments and to undertake a value of information analysis. The results of this project will enable decision-makers to identify which type of surgery for stress urinary incontinence is most clinically effective, safest, and cost-effective for the NHS. The value of information analysis will be used to quantify the main uncertainties with regard to policy decision-making as well as quantify the value of undertaking further research.


Miriam Brazzelli


Data Collection - ongoing