Alirocumab for treating primary hypercholesterolaemia and mixed dyslipidaemia


As part of the NICE’s Single Technology Appraisal process, this assessment critically reviewed the evidence for the clinical and cost-effectiveness of alirocumab for treating primary hypercholesterolaemia and mixed dyslipidaemia. The evidence was submitted by Sanofi, the company that manufactures alirocumab (Praluent) and consisted of ten phase III RCTs comparing alirocumab with placebo, ezetimibe or ezetimibe plus a statin. The current NICE clinical guidance, based on the results of this appraisal, recommends alirocumabas an option for treating primary hypercholesterolaemia or mixed dyslipidaemia only if (i) low-density lipoprotein concentrations are persistently above specified thresholds despite maximal tolerated lipid-lowering therapy, and (ii) the company provides alirocumab with the discount agreed in the patient access scheme.


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