Aflibercept solution for injection for the treatment of wet age-related macular degeneration


As part of the NICE’s single technology appraisal process, this assessment critically reviewed the manufacturer’s submission related to the evidence for the clinical and cost-effectiveness of aflibercept for the treatment of adults suffering from wet age-related macular degeneration (wet AMD). The submission focused on two RCTs comparing aflibercept with ranibizumab and 10 RCTs involving either aflibercept or ranibizumab. The clinical efficacy of aflibercept, in terms of prevention of visual loss, was comparable to that of ranibizumab. The frequency of ocular and non-ocular adverse events was similar to that of ranibizumab. Aflibercept proved to be a safe and cost-effectiveness option for the treatment of wet AMD in adults.  Aflibercept is recommended by NICE as an option for treating wet age‑related macular degeneration only if i) it is used in accordance with the recommendations for ranibizumab in and, ii) the manufacturer provides aflibercept solution for injection with the discount agreed in the patient access scheme (for further information see the NICE Guidance TA294 -


Miriam Brazzelli;