Public involvement in our research

Public Involvement in our Research

We held our first Patient and Public Involvement Meeting in October (2017) to introduce interested partners to the role of our Unit and what they can expect by being a partner in research, both generally and through working with directly us.  Those who attended had been identified through a range of opportunities, including some of our Public Engagement events.  Many of those who attended this first introductory meeting have now become formal members of our HSRU PPI Group.

The group will advise on our Unit's:

  • research proposals;
  • grant applications;
  • research conduct and management;
  • and dissemination of results.

By involving members of the public in our research, we can be confident that our research is relevant and accessible.

A summary of the meeting is provided below (picture credit Heidi Gardner).

If you are interested in becoming part of this group or would like to know more please contact Dr Katie Banister: