Staff may be dialled direct on (+44) 01224 43 followed by their extension number

NameRoleContact info
Aceves Martins, Magaly Research Fellow Tel Ext: 8179
Avenell, Alison Professor Tel Ext: 8164
Banister, Katie Research Fellow Tel Ext: 8092
Barnett, Daniel Programmer Tel Ext: 8186
Brazzelli, Miriam Senior Research Fellow Tel Ext: 8404
Breeman, Suzanne Trial Manager Tel Ext: 8169
Bruce, Rebecca Data Co-ordinator/Secretary Tel Ext: 8405
Burnett, Caroline Office Manager Tel Ext: 8140
Cameron, Sarah Trial Manager Tel Ext: 8120
Clancy, Annemarie Data co-ordinator/Secretary Tel Ext: 8193
Campbell, Karen Assistant Trial Manager Tel Ext: 7258
Campbell, Louise Data co-ordinator/Secretary Tel Ext: 8191
Campbell, Marion Professor of Health Services Research Tel Ext: 7944
Cochran, Claire Trial Manager Tel Ext: 8171
Constable, Lynda Trial Manager Tel Ext: 8174
Cooper, David Statistician Tel Ext: 8166
Cotterell, Louise Administrator Tel Ext: 8085
Cotton, Seonaidh Trial Manager Tel Ext: 8178
Cruden, Janice Data co-ordinator/Secretary Tel Ext: 8194
Cruickshank, Moira Research Fellow (TAR) Tel Ext: 8412
Davidson, Tracey Trial Manager Tel Ext: 8180
Duncan, Anne Trial Manager Tel Ext: 8134
Duncan, Eilidh Research Fellow Tel Ext: 8093
Ellington, Jacqueline Data co-ordinator/Secretary Tel Ext: 8195
Emele, David Programmer Tel Ext: 8151
Entwistle, Vikki Professor in Health Services Research & Ethics Tel Ext: 8146
Fernie, Gordon Trial Manager Tel Ext: 8167
Forrest, Mark Senior IT Manager Tel Ext: 8188
Fraser, Andrea Secretary/ Assistant Data Co-ordinator Tel Ext: 8199
Fraser, Cynthia Information Officer Tel Ext: 8184
Garden, Pauline Data co-ordinator/Secretary Tel Ext: 8196
Gillies, Katie Research Fellow Tel Ext: 8159
Goulao, Beatriz Statistician Tel Ext: 8097
Hay, Gary Programmer Tel Ext: 8187
Henderson, Lorna Statistician Tel Ext: 8411
Hollick, Rosemary Research Fellow Tel Ext: 8063
Hudson, Jemma Statistician Tel Ext: 8158
Imamura, Mari Research Fellow Tel Ext: 8121
Innes, Karen Trial Manager Tel Ext: 8089
Kaniewska, Joanna Trial Manager Tel Ext: 8161
Kemp, Lara Secretary (Review Team) Tel Ext: 8082
Kuanar, Utkalika Programmer Tel Ext: 8088
Macdonald, Suzanne PA, CHaRT Tel Ext: 8198
MacLennan, Graeme CHaRT Director Tel Ext: 8147
MacNeil, Margaret Data Co-ordinator/Secretary Tel Ext: 8197
McCormack, Kirsty CHaRT Research Manager Tel Ext: 8175
McDonald, Alison CHaRT Senior Trial Manager Tel Ext: 8177
McRae, Dawn Trial Manager Tel Ext: 8120
Morgan, Heather Research Fellow Tel Ext: 8192
Newlands, Rumana Research Assistant Tel Ext: 8190

Ntessalen, Maria

Data Co-ordinator/Secretary Tel Ext: 8163
Pohl, Tomas Programmer Tel Ext: 8183
Porteous, Terry Research Fellow Tel Ext: 8152
Rae, Daniela Research Fellow Tel Ext: 8154
Ramsay, Craig Unit Director Tel Ext: 8142
Robertson, Clare Research Fellow (Systematic Reviewer) Tel Ext: 8086
Scotland, Graham Senior Research Fellow Tel Ext: 7170
Shimonovich, Michal Research Assistant Tel Ext: 8083
Skea, Zoë Research Fellow Tel Ext: 8190
Smith, Beverley Receptionist Tel Ext: 8181
Sogbetun, Ebuwa Programmer Tel Ext: 8162
Starr, Kathryn Trial Manager Tel Ext: 8112
Taylor, Brian Senior Programmer Tel Ext: 8155
Thomas, Ruth CHaRT Research Manager Tel Ext: 8172
Treweek, Shaun Professor in Health Services Research Tel Ext: 8145
Uitenbosch, Giulia Assistant Trial Manager Tel Ext: 8168
Wileman, Samantha Quality Assurance Manager Tel Ext: 8173
Wood, Jessica Trial Manager Tel Ext: 8179
Wren, Sharon Data Co-ordinator/Secretary Tel Ext: 8156 

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NameOrganisationEmail address
Angela Allan NHS Grampian
Augusto Azuara-Blanco Queen’s University Belfast
Stacy M Carter University of Sydney
Jonathan Cook University of Oxford
Jill Francis City University London
Charis Glazener University of Aberdeen
Joan Henderson NHS Grampian
Pat Hoddinott University of Stirling
Lorna McKee University of Aberdeen
John Norrie University of Edinburgh
David Steel Independent Consultant
Mags Watson University of Bath

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