1994 - 1985

1994: Adrian Grant appointed Director.

Senior staff appointed as Programme Directors for three areas of research:

Health Care Assessment
Mental Health Research
Effective Professional Practice

1993: The CSO Review Team commented that ‘the work of the Unit is highly satisfactory and achieved UK standing’ and agreed the continuation of funding.

1988: The Unit formally opens with a staff of two Research Fellows and two Secretaries and a remit to:

  • study or evaluate clinical activities with a view to improving effectiveness and efficiency;
  • work for the implementation of proven changes in clinical activities;
  • encourage and support similar work throughout Scotland;
  • train NHS staff in Scotland, and others, in the principles and practice of health services research in general and health care evaluation in particular.

 Unit 1988

1987: Ian Russell appointed as Director of the Health Sciences Research Unit (HSRU).

1985: The Chief Scientist Office (CSO) invites Scottish Universities to submit bids for a new Health Services Research Unit.

Professors James Petrie and Elizabeth Russell submit a successful bid on behalf of the University of Aberdeen Medical School.