Scottish Health Economics (SHE)- Terms of Reference

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Scottish Health Economics (SHE) was set up in 2018 to support, promote and further develop Health Economics in Scotland.


Purpose of Scottish Health Economics (SHE)

SHE seeks to act as a vehicle for widening engagement with health economics in Scotland, bringing together users and producers of health economics who are interested in the development and application of health economics in Scotland.

All activities will draw on the extensive experience and expertise Scotland offers in health economics.


Achieving our goal

To achieve this SHE will contribute to research, policy debates and capacity building initiatives:

• SHE will hold an annual meeting to present cutting edge health economic research and address policy relevant questions in Scotland. Universities across Scotland will share the responsibility to host the SHE meetings, with practical support from the Health Economics Research Unit (HERU), University of Aberdeen.

• The meeting will also be used to bring together users and producers of health economics, providing a forum to facilitate collaboration between academics and the policy and practice communities.

• In addition to the annual meeting bespoke training courses will be provided to improve health economic literacy amongst health economists (e.g. expert workshops in: discrete choice experiments; Q-Methodology; and advanced economic evaluation) and non-health economists (e.g. Identifying, Appraising and Applying Health Economics Evidence for Public Health).

• SHE will have a dedicated website which provides information on health economics in Scotland. The website will have a directory of health economists with their areas of expertise in order to encourage engagement amongst the network. 



Membership is open to health economists working in Scotland in any setting as well as individuals who are interested in health economics.