Testing the validity of discrete choice experiment responses for predicting workforce behaviour

Using data on consultants’ behaviour from survey data in 2001 and 2006, we examined whether stated preference data eliciting valuations of job characteristics using discrete choice experiments are validated by changes in employment behaviour. Analysis was extended to explore the use of alternative econometric analysis to gain a deeper understanding of sources of preference heterogeneity in consultants’ preferences for contract characteristics.

Outcome and Translation

To understand further how DCEs can be used as an instrument to inform future contract negotiations with the NHS workforce.

HERU researchers involved in this research project:Diane Skåtun and Barbara Eberth

External Collaborators: M Sutton (University of Manchester)


Sutton, M., Eberth, B. and Skåtun, D. (2008) 'Really revealing? A follow up on the preferences stated by hospital doctors for hypothetical jobs', Health Economics Bergen, University of Bergen, April 2008.