PhD: General Practitioner practices: the impact of contract changes on General Practices in Scotland

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This research is based on the GP contract; Phase 1 of 3 was introduced in April 2018 by the Scottish Government and British Medical Association. Phases 2 & 3 will be implemented in the coming years. In the UK, general practices are generally small businesses that contract with the NHS, but which are owned and managed independently by a single GP or a partnership of GPs. The new contract changed practice funding to better reflect workload. Funding is based on adjusted capitation. Across Scotland, independent GP partnerships are concerned that the contract does not adequately address the challenges they face. This studentship will investigate how contractual arrangements impact on general practice partnerships as businesses in Scotland. A theoretical model of contracts will be used to predict how contractual changes will affect practices. These predictions will be tested using administrative data on practice income; and qualitative interviews to understand the perceived impact of contracts on general practice activities. 

PhD Student:  Pauline Ogilvie

Supervisors: Verity Watson (HERU), R. Schulz (Business School, University of Aberdeen) and P. Murchie (Institute of Applied Health Sciences, University of Aberdeen)