Payment by results: key outcomes and variations across HRGs, providers and patients in 2006/07 and 2007/08

This project identified the medium-term consequences of activity-based funding for hospitals in the English NHS. It built on a completed project examining the implementation and early effects of the Payment by Results policy. Activity-based funding systems in other countries, similar to PbR, have been shown to have significant effects on the costs, quality and volume of care. Research on some of these payment systems shows the effects to be short-lived. Using micro-econometric techniques we: (i) charted the evolving impact of the new financial regime on key indicators of activity, cost and quality; (ii) rolled forward previous work using Scotland (where the policy is not being implemented) as a comparator; and (iii) investigated the variability of the effects across three key dimensions: (a) patient group; (b) provider organisation; and (c) type of treatment.

Outcome and Translation

This research directly informed the Department of Health in England of the variation in impact of PbR, informing the future development of the policy.

HERU researchers involved in this research project: Shelley Farrar

External collaborators: M Chalkley (University of York)


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