A discrete choice experiment to value the personalisation of support for the self-management of chronic pain

The context was the support people receive for self-management, firstly for chronic pain, then in a replication study, for chronic lung disease. The DCE included four attributes: information (‘relevant to you’ vs. ‘the same for everyone’); communication style (‘friendly and personal’ vs. ‘neutral professional’); situation relevance (‘makes suggestions which fit your situation’ vs. ‘takes little account of your situation’); and what matters in life (‘works with you on what you want to get from life’ vs. ‘seems to think everyone wants to get the same from life’). A cost attribute was included so that willingness to pay (WTP) could be estimated.

We recruited participants from an online panel: 517 with self-reported chronic pain and 200 with breathlessness. Participants revealed positive valuations for increased personalisation of all four attributes. Greater personalisation on the attributes relating to situation relevance (WTP £15.51) and what matters in life (WTP £14.10) were valued most highly; tailored information was valued less (WTP £10.86) and more friendly communication valued least (WTP £3.46). The replication study in breathlessness showed similar results. We also found heterogeneity in valuation, particularly around the relative value of tailored information.

Outcome and Translation 

Our results should lead healthcare providers to rethink how we make support for self-management properly person-centred. Person-centred healthcare must emphasise the substance of personalisation and not just the style.

HERU researchers involved in this research project: Mandy Ryan and Nicolas Krucien.

External collaborators: C Burton, T Porteous, A Elliott (Centre of Academic Primary Care, University of Aberdeen) and V Entwistle (HSRU, University of Aberdeen)

This project is funded by The Health Foundation Inspiring Improvement programme.


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