PhD: Assessment of the external validity of discrete choice experiments: an application in pharmacy

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The discrete choice experiment (DCE) technique has been applied extensively in the valuation of healthcare benefits to capture preferences. A key methodological question is if external validity i.e. the extent to which respondents’ choices made in a hypothetical DCE context, truly reflect their actual preferences. This thesis explored the external validity of DCEs within a pharmacy context. The thesis compared what respondents said they would do in a DCE survey with what they actually did when presented with the same scenario in real life. The thesis also explored the roles of uncertainty and attitudes in explaining discrepancies and uised qualitative research to provide insight.

The DCE correctly predicted 42.1% of participants’ actual choices. Calibration of the DCE with certainty questions and incorporation of the TPB into DCE improved DCE-prediction. Reasons for discrepancies in stated choice and actual behaviour included differences in decision-making processes in DCE and real life, attitudinal and other contextual factors (e.g. timing, location).

Outcome and Translation

Calibration methods should be considered to improve external validity. The development of DCEs, and the modelling of choice responses, should mimic as closely as possible the decision-making process individuals face in reality. This thesis extends the limited pool of empirical studies assessing external validity of DCEs.

PhD student: Gin Nie Chua

Supervisors: Mandy Ryan (HERU); T Porteous (HSRU, University of Aberdeen) and C Bond (Academic Primary Care, University of Aberdeen)


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