Weigh Well: MRC IES Platform Grant, scoping and feasibility preparation for an RCT on post-partum weight loss

This project was a pre-trial feasibility study of a weight loss intervention. The economic component informed questions relating to the scale and significance of the difference in costs and benefits between intervention and control groups, including health service costs and benefits, other social costs and benefits, and costs and benefits to the women and their families. Alternative data collection methods were evaluated to establish which costs and benefits should be collected in a full trial and allow power calculations to be carried out for the economic analysis. Some pre-trial modelling was carried out.

Outcome and Translation

The results from this study helped to design better interventions with post-partum women and develop methods for data collection which will have wide application for public health interventions. The study showed that the intervention was potentially effective but identified issues of recruitment and retention as important areas to address in a full RCT.

HERU researchers involved in this research project: Anne Ludbrook, Lynda McKenzie

External collaborators: A Anderson, R Barbour, AF Kirk, G Mires, A Symon, S Treweek, B Williams (University of Dundee); R Fraser (University of Sheffield) and JM Thompson (NHS Dundee)


Craigie, A. M., Barbour, R. S., Anderson, A. S. and the WeighWell Team (Ludbrook, A. is a member of the WeighWell team (2010) 'How can we help women lose weight after child birth? Formative findings from the WeighWell weight management study', (Abstract from Summer Meeting, 28 June - 1st July, 2010)', Proceedings of the Nutrition Society, 69(OCE6), E429.

Craigie, A. M., Barbour, R. S., Anderson, A. S. and the WeighWell team (Ludbrook, A. is a. member of the WeighWell team) (2011) 'Findings from the WeighWell feasibility study of post-partum weight loff: challenges for a randomised controlled trial', (Abstract from Scottish Section Meeting, 5-6 April, 2011), Proceedings of the Nutrition Society, 70(OCE1), E15.