HERU Post-Doctoral Fellowship: The effects of economic insecurity on physical and mental health

HERU Post-Doctoral Fellowship - Elizabeth Russell Career Development Fellowship: The effects of economic insecurity on physical and mental health

Understanding the complex pathways through which individuals’ economic activities impact on population health is a key research challenge which has been identified within the Economic and Social Research Council’s (ESRC) Framework to Enable Biosocial Research. The anxiety resulting from exposure to adverse economic events, such as job or income loss, is one plausible pathway through which health may be affected by social circumstances. Using longitudinal and cohort studies, this research aims to assess the impact of economic insecurity on biomarkers such as BMI, excess body fat, and C-reactive protein. The research will also attempt to identify changes in health behaviours which cause the psychological distress resulting from economic insecurity to manifest as physical health issues.

HERU researchers involved in this project:  Daniel Kopasker, Marjon van der Pol, Diane Skåtun, Paul McNamee


Kopasker, D., Montagna, C. and Bender, K.A. (2019) Insecure lock-in: the mental health effects of anticipating insecure employment, Discussion Papers in Economics and Finance, 19:7.