Investigation of the empirical relationship between economic status and health status


Ludbrook, A., and Sutton, M. (HERU) Mavromaras, K. (University of Melbourne)


The positive association between income and health is widely known but the mechanisms through which this relationship operates one less clearly understood. The thesis combined the literature on economic models of household behaviour with empirical assessments of the health and income relationship and the demand for health literature. An economic model of household behaviour was constructed to analyse health effects of labour shocks. Individuals within the household respond to income shocks by altering labour supply or the amount of resources to each household member. The model was tested statistically using longitudinal regression techniques. Policy implications were then sought, to assess whether income support or employment legislation would be more conducive to health status.


A Ludbrook




Tipper, A.J. "For richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health"; a theoretical and empirical analysis of economic status and health in the family context. University of Aberdeen. 2008.