Risankizumab for treating moderate-to-severe plaque psoriasis (Fast Track Appriasal)

As part of the NICE Technology Appraisal Process, the Aberdeen Evidence Review Group (ERG) was commissioned to critically review the company’s submission related to the clinical and cost-effectiveness of Risankizumab for treating moderate to severe plaque psoriasis.

Outcome and Translation

Based on consideration of the company’s evidence and the evidence review group report, the NICE committee recommended risankizumab as an option for treating plaque psoriasis in adults with severe disease. Details of the restrictions that apply can be found on the NICE website: Risankizumab for treating moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. Technology Appraisal Guidance [TA596].

HERU researchers involved in this research project: Rodolfo Hernández and Graham Scotland

External collaborators: Ramsay, C., Brazzelli, M., Cummins, E. and Campbell, M. (Health Services Research Unit (HSRU), University of Aberdeen).


Imamura, M., Cooper, D., Hernández, R., Ormerod, T., Scotland, G. and Brazzelli, M. (2019) Risankizumab for treating moderate-to-severe plaque psoriasis. A fast track appraisal, (NICE Technology Appraisal Guidance - TA596), Aberdeen Health Technology Assessment Group.