The measurement and valuation of productivity costs: a household level analysis


Graham, W. (Division of Applied Health Sciences, University of Aberdeen) Newlands, D. (University of AberdeenBusinessSchool and Division of Applied Health Sciences, University of Aberdeen) and McNamee, P. (HERU)


The inclusion of productivity costs is recognised as an important component of economic evaluation. However, there is considerable debate over the methods used to measure and value such costs. Most studies measure and value costs based on lost earnings from paid work. Some studies also adopt a wider household perspective and include the value of lost housework. This approach, however, may not give the best indication of actual levels of lost production where compensating mechanisms are used. Alternative methods have been developed for this purpose, but few comparisons have been made between these methods to test reliability or validity. The sampling frame was households who had experienced or are currently experiencing maternal mortality or morbidity.


P McNamee






Newlands, D., McNamee, P., Chikwama, C. and Asante, F. The effect of maternal morbidity on productivity: a household level analysis in Ghana. African Health Economics Association Conference. Accra, April 2009.