Multicentre RCT of medicines management by community pharmacists


Bond, C., Hannaford, P., Watson, M. (Centre of Academic Primary Care, University of Aberdeen) Blenkinsopp, A. (KeeleUniversity) Anderson, C., Avery, A. (University of Nottingham) Krska, J. (College of Pharmacy Practice) and Scott, A. (HERU)


Patients with coronary heart disease were identified from GP records and were interviewed by a community pharmacist in their premises. Recommendations for changes to prescribing were fed back to the patient’s GP. An RCT was conducted in nine areas in England. Main outcomes included measures of health status (EQ-5D and SF-36) and the appropriateness of prescribing and monitoring according to National Service Framework guidelines. There were no differences in any of the main outcomes although costs to the NHS and patients in the intervention group were higher.


G Scotland




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