Systematic review of the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of ‘HealOzone’ for the treatment of tooth decay (both occlusal pit/fissure caries and root caries)


Waugh, N., Fielding, S. (Population Health, University of Aberdeen) Brazzelli, M., Fraser, C. (HSRU, University of Aberdeen) and Clarkson, J. (Dental Health Services Research Unit, Dundee)


There has been a significant reduction in dental caries (tooth decay) over the past 30 years in industrialised countries, due to environmental and educational factors such as the increased use of fluoride in public water supplies, dentifrices, and dental products; improved oral hygiene and prophylaxis; dietary counselling; and increased access to dental care. Nevertheless dental caries is still a common disease experienced by almost 80% of children by the age of 18 and by almost 90% of adults.


L McKenzie




Brazzelli, M., McKenzie, L., Fielding, S., Fraser, C., Clarkson, J., Kilonzo, M. and Waugh, N. Systematic review of the effectiveness and cost effectiveness of HealOzone® for the treatment of occlusal pit/fissure caries and root caries. Health Technology Assessment. 2006; 10(16)

Kilonzo, M., McKenzie, L. and Vale, L. Cost-Effectiveness Analysis Of 'HealOzone' For The Treatment Of Occlusal Pit/Fissure Caries And Root Caries. HERU Briefing Paper, University of Aberdeen, September 2006.