Caries prevention for children with integrated dental care teams: a randomised controlled trial


Pitts, N., Anderson, C., Longbottom, C. (Dental Health Services Research Unit, University of Dundee) and Scott, A. (HERU)


The intervention consisted of health visitors assessing caries risk during usual home visits and for this information to be used to commence a preventive intervention, at three monthly intervals, to those children assessed to be at high risk. The main economic component was a cost analysis conducted alongside the RCT that was also collecting outcomes in terms of Decayed, Missing and Filled Teeth (DMFTs).


G Scotland




Pitts, N.B., Bain, J., Curnow, M., Higginson, P., Lawrence, A., Longbottom, C., MacRitchie, H., Martin, D., Nugent, Z., Radord, J., Robertson, M., Scott, A. and Thomas, D. Development and Evaluation of Generalisable Evidence-Based Targeted Caries Prevention for Pre-School Children by Integrated Primary Care Teams (GETCaPPP). Final Report to NHS R&D Dental Research Programme, 2005.