INTERVAL: Investigation of NICE Technologies for Enabling Risk-Variable-Adjusted-Length dental recalls trial (pilot and follow-on study)

A parallel-group, randomised, controlled comparison of three forms of dental recall strategy (6-month recall, risk-based recall and 24-month recall) evaluated the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of these dental recall strategies by assessing their impact on maintaining oral health. A cost–benefit analysis was undertaken to assess the efficiency of the alternative recall strategies. Willingness to pay was elicited using a discrete choice experiment.


Outcome and Translation

Publications are currently in development.

HERU researchers involved in this research project: Marjon van der Pol and Dwayne Boyers

External collaborators: N Pitts, J Clarkson, D Bonetti, R Freeman, D Ricketts (University of Dundee); C Ramsay, (HSRU, University of Aberdeen); H Worthington (University of Manchester); T Anderson, W McCombes, L Young (NHS Education for Scotland); F Burke, D White (University of Birmingham); G Douglas (University of Leeds); R Gorter (University of Amsterdam); R Herbert (University of Cardiff); P Hodge (University of Glasgow); G Humphris (University of St. Andrews); T Mettes (Radboud University, NIJMEJEN Medical Centre, The Netherlands); I Needleman (UCL Eastman Dental Institute) and M Ross (University of Edinburgh)

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Clarkson, J.E., Pitts, N.B., Bonetti, D., Boyers, D., Braid, H., Elford, R., Fee, P.A., Floate, R., Goulao, B., Humphris, G., Needleman, I., Norrie, J.D.T., Ord, F., Pol, M. van der, Ramsay, C.R., Ricketts, D.N.J., Worthington, H.V. and Young, L. (2018) 'INTERVAL (investigation of NICE technologies for enabling risk-variable-adjusted-length) dental recalls trial: a multicentre randomised controlled trial investigating the best dental recall interval for optimum, cost-effective maintenance of oral health in dentate adults attending dental primary care', BMC Oral Health, 18(1), 135.

Fee, P. A., Riley, P., Worthington, H. V., Clarkson, J. E., Boyers, D. and Beirne, P. V. (2020) 'Recall intervals for oral health in primary care patients', Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews, (10).


Boyers, D. and Pol, M. van der (2019) 'INTERVAL (Investigation of NICE Technologies for Enabling Risk-Variable-Adjusted-Length) dental recalls trial: results and discussion. Cost-effectiveness results', International Association for Dental Research (IADR) General Session, Vancouver Convention Centre, Vancouver, Canada, 19-22 June 2019.