Assessment of Technologies (old)

Assessment of Technologies (old)

Introduction to Assessment of Technologies Theme

Theme leader: Dr Graham Scotland

This theme aims to conduct research to address questions of immediate policy or practical relevance for NHS decision-makers, and to pursue methodological research in order to strengthen the application of economic evaluation methods.

The objectives are to:

  • Inform and support healthcare decision making at a national level, by producing high quality economic evaluations that address national priorities.
  • Develop and refine methods of economic evaluation.
  • Make available to the NHS a body of expertise through nurturing and developing research skills in economic evaluation methods.

The Assessment of Technologies theme is involved in a number of externally funded projects to carry out applied economic evaluations of new and existing interventions, and also co-hosts a National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) contract to conduct Technology Assessment Reviews for the NHS.

As the health service continues to face pressures on constrained health budgets, it is important that robust economic evaluation methods are applied to support decision making across the life course of health technology; from the early design phase, through adoption into routine practice, to modification or appropriate withdrawal of technology in routine use.


Projects within the 'Assessment of Technologies' Theme are sub-divided into four categories reflecting different stages of technology adoption and methodological work, in collaboration with the Methods of Benefit Valuation theme, around applying broader measures of value in the economic evaluation of health technologies.