HESG Summer 2017 Programme and Abstracts

Meeting Programme

 FINAL HESG Meeting Programme, (also available large font


  • Plenary Session

Professor Sally Sheard, Professor of the History of Medicine, University of Liverpool, and Professor Anne Ludbrook of HERU gave a plenary session on the afternoon of 29th June.


 Professor Sally Sheard giving the plenary presentation at HESG Summer 2017.

  • Accepted Papers

A list of the papers accepted for the Meeting is available. Note that access to the full papers is behind a login only available to registered delegates and circulated previously by email.


Meeting Format

The HESG meetings have a distinctive style and feel, attempting to maintain a study group atmosphere despite large numbers. All papers are pre-circulated and discussed in hour-long sessions using discussants rather than author presentations. The range of papers reflects the current balance of work, the largest categories being economic evaluation, health outcome measurement and the finance and organisation of healthcare. However, every meeting has papers on other recognisably traditional economics subjects such as consumer demand, industry behaviour (particularly hospitals and pharmaceutical companies) and behaviour of the labour market. HESG welcomes people from a variety of backgrounds at the meetings, but they are intended for economists and its ‘working language’ is economics.


Meeting Procedure and Guidelines for Discussants and Chairs

HESG have issued guidelines on the procedure of the meeting and the role of Discussants and Chairs.


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