Seminars & Conferences

HERU Seminars and Conferences

HERU regularly invites colleagues in the health economics profession to the department to disseminate research findings and new techniques in the field of health economics. Note that HERU External Seminars are open to all. Location details are posted in the HERU Events Diary. Contact Zoé Ejebu for more details on HERU External Seminars.

Details of the programme are posted at the HERU External Seminars Programme page.

Within HERU, the Methods of Benefit Valuation theme hosts a regular Stated Preference Seminar Series. Additionally, in the regular Internal Seminar Series and Health Econometrics Seminar Series HERU staff present work to colleagues to stimulate feedback and an exchange of ideas.

HERU has also hosted, or cost-hosted, conferences in health economics which are detailed in the HERU Conferences page.

Please note that recent HERU External Seminars that have gone ahead have been online events.