DCE Course in Canada

Using Discrete Choice Experiments in Health Economics: Theoretical and Practical Issues


HERU and the O’Brien Institute for Public Health, University of Calgary are running a short course on 'Using Discrete Choice Experiments (DCEs) in health economics', from 8th-10th March 2021 at the Banff Conference Centre, Alberta, Canada. The aims of the short course are to provide:

  • An introduction to the theoretical basis for, and development and application of, DCEs in health economics.

  • Hands on experience of the design of DCEs, questionnaire development, data input, analysis and interpretation.

  • An update on methodological issues raised in the application of DCEs.

Presenters: Professor Mandy Ryan (HERU), Dr Deborah Marshall (Canada Research Chair of Health Systems and Systems Research, University of Calgary), Dr Verity Watson and Dr Luis Loría (HERU), Dr Gillian Currie and Karen MacDonald (University of Calgary).

The short course is aimed at those interested in the application of DCEs in health economics and focused on the practical and theoretical issues raised when applying the technique. The workshop includes group work sessions. 

Note that registration is not open yet. Details will be posted when available.