Current Students studying for a PhD


Student: Mélanie Antunes

Project: Public and patient preferences for social prescribing


Student: Huixuan Gao

Project: The value and costs of unpaid care for older people in China


Student: Ni Gao

Project: Thriving not surviving: what can time allocation tell us?


Student: Divya Mohan

Project: Incorporating preference heterogeneity in economic evaluation: informing "realistic medicine"


Student: Pauline Ogilvie (part-time, online)

Project: General Practitioner practices: the impact of contract changes on General Practices in Scotland


Student: Emma Tassie

Project: Using existing data to incorporate broader measures of value in economic evaluation


Student: Uma Thomas (part-time)

Project: Using insights into time preference and present bias to develop an intervention to improve adherence to exercise


Student: Xuemin Zhu

Project: The role of risk and time preferences and personality in clinical decision making


HERU staff currently studying for a PhD

Student: Michael Abbott

Project: An economic evaluation of genomic sequencing for the diagnosis of rare conditions in Scotland


Recently completed PhDs

Student: Ruben Sakowsky

Project: Our values or mine? A philosophical and empirical critique of deliberative and stated preference elicitation techniques in health economics


Staff: Dwayne Boyers

Project: External validity of DCEs: a case study of dental care


Student: Kevin Momanyi

Project: Enhancing quality in social care through economic analysis


Student: Laura Dysart

Project: Applying economic methods to optimise self-management


Student: Alastair Irvine

Project: The role of time preference in the medical decision making context


Student: Luis Loría

Project: Investigating willingness to pay for low emission public transportation


Student: Gin Nie Chua

Project: Assessment of the external validity of discrete choice experiments: an application in pharmacy


Student: Liam Mc Morrow

Project: Economic aspects of food choice and its association with health inequalities in Scotland and the UK


Student: Sebastian Heidenreich

Project: Do I care or do I not? An empirical assessment of decision heuristics in discrete choice experiments


Staff: Rodolfo Hernández

Project: Broadening the valuation space in health technology assessment: the case of monitoring individuals with ocular hypertension


Student: Gerald Manthalu

Project: Government purchasing of health care from Not-For-Profit providers: a review of service level agreements in Malawi


Student: Dominic Albert Nkhoma

Project: An economic perspective of the social determinants of health and health inequalities in Malawi


Staff: Zahidul Quayyum

Project: Developing a needs-based resource allocation model for health care expenditure in Bangladesh


Student: Jean-Baptiste Combes

Project: NHS staff skills mix and local labour markets: the role of reward structures, shortages and competition in determining the mix of the NHS workforce


Student: Frauke Becker

Project: Economic analysis of dietary and physical activity behaviours: consequences for obesity interventions (MRC Capacity Building PhD)


Student: Ewan Gray

Project: Time preference for future health events